James L. Gleason
Associate Professor
Organic Chemistry

email: jim.gleason@mcgill.ca
phone: 514-398-5596
fax: 514-398-3797
lab phone: 514-398-6225
Office: 309A, Otto Maass Chemistry Building

Department of Chemistry
McGill University
801 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, QC
H3A 0B8


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Recent Group News

30 August 2017    Welcome to new graduate students Donald Campbell, Hyun June Jun, David Scarlata     
                                 and Yufei Wang

25 August 2017    Our latest paper on vitamin D / HDACi hybrids is out.

15 August 2017   Congratulations to Jon Hughes and Nick Häggman for landing jobs at Merck (Rahway)
                                and Intellisyn

12 July 2017        Our paper on the synthesis of virosaine A is out.  Congrats to Jon Hughes

                                on a great piece of work

16 May 2017        New CIHR grant - “Bifunctional non-secosteroidal vitamin D analogues

                                as novel cancer chemotherapeutics”

10 May 2017        Our paper on organocatalytic Michael reactions is out.  Congrats to

                                Florent, Adamo, Nick, Jon and Damien

8 May 2017          Welcome to Thomas Bräuer, visiting student from Konrad Tiefenbacher’s

                                group at U. Basel

1 May 2017          Welcome to summer students - Alexandra Lacoste, Daisy He and

                                 Dean Noutsious

23 March 2017     New NSERC Engage grant with Inception Sciences - “Development of a

                                 general approach to substituted bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes”